Five Fierce Rules For Fight-Back Self Defense

Let’s Call it What It Is– EMERGENCY Last Resort Self Defense 

By last resort, I mean that risk reduction, assault deterring, boundary setting and repelling strategies naturally come first. Now log this tip: To greatly reduce your risks, you must deny two things: PRIVACY & CONTROL.

Translation? As much as realistically possible, don’t allow yourself to become isolated with a would-be attacker/ victimizer/ criminal or predator. (TRUST YOUR GUT HERE!) And do not allow “them” to control your behavior- in other words to lead you where you do NOT want to go or otherwise manipulate your movements against your will.

Remember: Do NOT allow a criminal or would-be rapist to force you into a vehicle or otherwise move your from crime scene A to crime scene B. It will always be to a far more isolated location where it will be more difficult to attract attention or breakaway. This includes NOT allowing an assailant or thug to forcibly move you from the visible jogging trail seen by passing motorists and others into the more desolate woods. Or from the parking lot and front of the building to the remote back of the building. This all constitutes forcible movement from one place to another.

So you may have to go physical with whatever skills you have in order to free yourself.

Even with the best of risk reduction and prevention strategies, it happens – so here’s FIVE basic rules if you must fight back. 

1) Explode and penetrate into your target, do not just give a smack. Explode like a bullet directly into your target, not like a firecracker dispersing energy in all directions at once. 

(2) Technique AND fighting spirit count, so tap and funnel raw animal ferocity.

(3) Focus. Focus. Focus. FORCE it if you must but do not allow your mind to splinter, waver or freeze. Breathing helps!

(4) YELL! It oxygenates the tissues, rallies the fighting spirit and can add as much as 33 % more power to your moves.

(5) OWN you world and use your environment. From utilizing walls and counter-tops to shove off of or slam (him) into, to using blunt and pointy objects as weapons, to wielding trash cans and furniture as shields and barriers. My motto? “WHADDYA GOT?”

When it’s GO TIME, get fierce!  And get cracking!

2 thoughts on “Five Fierce Rules For Fight-Back Self Defense

  1. Great advice and all things I constantly tell my own students. It comes down to mindset at the end of the day. Some struggle with it, some don’t. If you don’t try to cultivate the right mindset, you are wasting your time learning physical skills and tricks because you just won’t be able to use them when the pressure is really on. It can be cultivated though. Keep in mind the five things above at all times when training and you’ll definitely get there. It’s mental conditioning. Combine that with experience and it becomes just like hitting a switch.

  2. Thank you Neal Martin– appreciate your feedback and support. Mindset IS crucial, fundamental to being effective as is “hitting the switch” as you say. We need to turn on some new switches AND reinstall old ones, ancient powers. In my view women also MUST learn to pull ferocity from fear. “Counter the terror not just counterattack!” Thanks Neal.

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