Practical Empowerment Self-Defense for Women!

Bringing the Heart of the Female Warrior to Life's Greatest & Scariest Challenges!

Sure. You're smart. Self reliant. You believe in yourself and your strengths. Yet something's amiss. Maybe you know it as a quiet voice in your head, or as alarming sensations but the"what if?" fear of violence or attack is every woman's fear. 

Stopping violence against women requires sweeping changes and a global committment. It calls for a NEW approach to self-defense that not only teaches skills, but fosters a radical shift in our relationship with power, leading women to a deep-seated source of courage, boldness, and ability. It's a place I simply call Fierce.  

Women need to know that they too can be dangerous. With passion and compassion, I can show you how. 

From early detection of danger to safeguarding boundaries, from cultivating everyday "command presence" to explosive fight-back methods, my award-winning approach imparts skills and knowledge that could save your life--body and soul. 

It's time to become your own best protector. Let's get this womanly power back online!  

Trainer. Mentor. Consultant. Self Defense Therapist. Freeing Female Fear since 1986! 

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Dr. Ruthless' cult classic for women and girls! Need-to-know skills plus the internal emotional prep for battle. "Outstanding!" "Soalt is a shining star!"

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