Practical Primal Self-Defense for Women!

Some part of you already knows how to do this. Now let's get this Fierce Female mojo back online!

Sure. You're smart. Self reliant. But face it: The what if fear of violence or assault is every woman's fear. It's infuriating and frightening--and it can take your breath away.  

We need a radical shift. A bold NEW approach that not only teaches strategies, but strengthens women's self defense capacity at its root, leading women to a place of courage, confidence, and yes, ferocity. Women need to know that they too can be dangerous.    

With passion and compassion, I can show you how. 

From everyday self-protection to explosive fight-back skills to summoning might in the face of fear, my no-nonsense  approach  teaches the skill and will that could save your life.  

Are you ready to embrace your Inner Toughee? Welcome - now let's get cracking! 

Courage Coach. Trainer. Mentor. Self Defense Therapist. Freeing Fire From Fear since 1986! 

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Dr. Ruthless' cult classic for women and girls! Need-to-know skills plus the internal emotional prep for battle. "Outstanding!" "Soalt is a shining star!"

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Enough with the G-SPOT. It's time to get F'd-- as in FINDING YOUR FIERCE. Moves you can use, sucess stories from everyday dames, sensible risk reduction, deterring strategies, womanly wisdom and more. Arousing 'what it takes' to protect, defend and when all else fails... pull ferocious from fear.  

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