Deadly Dames: Mother India Style

These “PINK VIGLIANTES” from India mete out justice against Bad Guys the old fashioned way–with sticks, Lathis to be precise. Check it out here!

In their makeshift uniforms (saris not sorry’s), they “arm themselves with lathi – traditional sticks – which they have used to beat men who have abandoned or abused their wives and policemen who have refused to register claims of rape. ”

This group or Gulabi Gang as it’s called, has also attracted the support of an increasing number of men. (No, I have no clue what they wear.)

In cases of domestic violence, “we go and talk to the man and explain why it is wrong. If he refuses to listen, we get the woman out of the house, then beat him. If necessary, we do it in public to embarrass him.”

I know I shouldn’t be grinning… but I am.

I support the efforts of these fierce fightin’ femmes. And it further proves this point– that we females are not all-pacific creatures and do-no-harmers, devoid of an aggressive nature, or that we go all sickeypoo around the (judicious) use of force. Nonsense!

Leave it to Mother India and her brand of Divinity to bring it home. Her wisdom is as good as it gets, so burn this in: Girl, you are already many. You are not one note on a flute.

Put another way, in my badland lingo, as quoted from my article in BUST Magazine:

“We are givers and gluttons, supporters and competitors, creators and
destroyers.. We too crave the F**K and the Fuck You.”

Amen to our PINK sisters.