Death By Ball Squeezing!

“Seize & Squeeze” Takes on New Deadly Meaning

Balls. Always been a good target in self defense if you can get a hold of ’em.

I’ve known of testicles being ruptured, battered, and bruised – not to mention ungodly searing pain from getting snapped in the nuts: I’m talking fall straight to the ground, vomit, pull your knees up, while your whole system temporarily crashes or shuts down – the result of good cracks, whacks, smashes, knees and assorted evil “hand jobs.”

That said, it’s important to understand that SOME MEN pumped on adrenaline and “the fight” CAN withstand direct hits and strikes to the groin without it stopping or seizing them in the moment— the effects (see above) arriving after the fact. YES, some guys ARE that pumped and just plain gnarly.

But this is the first time I’ve heard of DEATH resulting from ball squeezing.

Check out the article for possible medical explanation.

And let’s not count on it ladies. But in the meantime, and by all means, if your life or integrity is in jeopardy– seize and squeeze!