How To Take Down an Oral Rapist– And NOT Get Hammered

This headline infuriated me as many do:

Brooklyn Rapist Gives Victim Two Options: Perform Oral Sex Or Get Beaten With a Hammer

Thinking about the 18 year-old young woman he raped sent a sharp pain into my heart. I know all too well the trauma that rape and sexual violence leaves in its wake. How these moments can unravel into months and even years of suffering.

So I decided to share a fairly simple and wickedly surprising means of striking back in an oral rape, which is common in sexual violence- and more precisely how to NAIL this mofo. (It’s a question I’ve been asked often.)  First let me say there isn’t just one way– self defense is never a cookie-cutter or one size fits all. No one technique will always work. In this case where the rapist is wielding a hammer threatening to beat women who don’t “get him off” there’s a few options in terms of fight-back-to-escape strategies. It’s never (rarely) easy, but victory is never cheap. (And no I’m not talking about biting his dick; dicey at best.)

With training you can learn how to wrap and trap his weapon-wielding arm then instantly move in to attack his face/ head or possibly throat or eyes while bringing your best in-fighting tools to bear. For example: elbows, palms, hammerfists or smashing or punching hand strikes. Or you could capture his arm and drive rapid knee strikes into his nether regions or deliver whomping kicks aimed at disabling his mobility (lower limb destruction). Then you could slam him down and escape seizing the hammer on your way out. Ta-dah!

For added panache, let’s imagine flashing him your best Thelma & Louise look of disgust, before casting your eyes his way one last time (so you can give details to the cops) fixing your gaze on his now shriveling manhood while muttering aloud:

“Pffft! Dude, you call that a tool?” (You get the idea…) 

The story of the 51 year old Portland Oregon woman who was attacked by a man wielding a claw hammer comes to mind. She not only wrested the weapon away from him in a life and death struggle, she then killed him with her bare hands, strangled him to death on her kitchen floor. Good thing ’cause he wasn’t just a home invader but a HIT MAN who’d been hired by her estranged hubby, sent to KILL HER. (Talk about reversals.)

But for now we’ll bypass strikes – which, by the way, can have different effects on different bodies depending on myriad variables; from the individual’s state of mind and blood alcohol level, to how buff or tough he is– and we’ll stick to a mechanically easier solution with concussive head-banging impact for Mr. Jack Hammer- assuming it all goes as planned. (Note: Jack Hammer is only 150 pounds of punk.)


Before we get going you must PROMISE me that you would ONLY do this if and when you have the MORAL AUTHORITY to do so and are under attack. It’s not a technique to use  on your ex or current (boyfriend/ hubby) cause you can’t stand him no more. OK?

One more thing: Sexual sacrifice is a lousy option no woman should have to face. That said, what’s most important here is being prepared with the OPTION to fight back. Now let’s get cracking and NAIL Jack Hammer.
Let me preface this by saying that we’re going to FEIGN COMPLIANCE and insert ourselves into HIS plan then employ a grand reversal:


(1) Note exactly where that hammer is – which he’ll soon forget about –  then slowly PROCEED to your knees, assume the position he expects and encourage him to step real close so you can give it good. But first, try to negotiate placement: try to persuade him to stand where there is open space behind him and maybe some hard head-banging surface- you’ll see why in a minute.


(2) Next, help him undress. That’s right: If he hasn’t already, help him undo his stinking pants so that he suspects NADA and so that he gets used to seeing your hands near and on his body– you’ll see why in a minute. Encourage him to lower his pants down to his mid-thigh at least so that his legs are effectively trapped in his pants like a sac. If he resists, tell him in your best lying voice, “I need lots of room to work my special mojo on you.” Once he hears that he’ll likely oblige. In effect you are NOW leading his head- as in his mind, his big head, so to speak.

(3)  Most Important part! From on your knees, act as if to oblige then as soon as his mind starts to float (see yellow above) take your two hands, grab his ankles  – make this VERY VERY SNAPPY — and YANK his legs toward you from the back of his ankles, yanking hard and fast. I said “YANK” as in one forceful TAKING move. Do not just pull. I repeat: do NOT pull – that will NOT do. This move is your ticket to freedom.

If all goes well, and it should, this yanking of his ankles hard and fast will take his balance and he will SLAM back & down onto the hard merciless ground, hopefully banging his (big) head.  But to add OOMPH and make it a REALLY hard landing, also do this: AS you grab-to-yank his ankles simultaneously RAM your HEAD into his hip region (or drive your shoulder tackle-style into his knees) further forcing his loss of balance and SLAM DOWN.

(4) Faster than you’ve ever moved in your life, quickly get up, raise your stronger  leg’s knee and STOMP down hard on his groin (balls) while his privates are splayed. Repeat as needed. Then RUN like your ass is on fire. Depending on where you are and how far you need to go to get to safety, SEIZE that hammer from his hand. If need be – because he’s still conscious and in attack mode- deliver additional blows. (But no extra  cheap shots!)

Call the cops and don’t forget to tell them how YOU feared for your life and what he threatened you with.

(5) It’s time: Spit! Let the full emotion out. Expect to feel charged with emotion, expect to shake, to feel terror and / or rage.

(6) You did it! You saved yourself from that trauma of being sexually violated. Of course there will be residual feelings or fear from this terrifying event but you WILL deal with that with help and loving support.