Practical Primal Self-Defense for Every Woman!

At five feet tall on a good hair day, I can attest: All women posses the powerful instinct and capacity for self-protection. It’s time you learned how to save your own pretty skin!

Sure. You’re smart. Self reliant. Yet something’s amiss. Maybe you know it as a quiet voice in your head or as your body’s alarming sensations, but the “what if?” fear of violence or attack is every woman’s fear. (And it isn’t always unfounded.)

Here’s the deal: It’s time for a radical shift. A revolution in thinking: What if instead of being fearful, you learned how to be fearsome? What if YOU could be a dangerous creature?

Dr. Ruthless can show you how.

From everyday self-protection to explosive close-quarters fighting to summoning might in the face of fear, Dr Ruthless teaches the essential skills and readiness of heart that could save your skin… and your soul!

It’s time to rekindle your ancient powers – and slip into something a little more primitive!