Where I Stand!

Q: Inquiring minds want to know– “Does Dr. Ruthless suggest that learning to fight back IS the solution to violence against women?”

A: No. I don’t suggest that fighting back IS the sole solution to violence against women — of course not — or that it’s always effective or the best option. But what I am saying is this: when you boil it down, the answer to WHY men violate women may be simpler than we think: those who will do it because they can. When we discourage women from learning violent self defense we (inadvertently albeit) encourage them to submit to victimization — not to mention suffering the traumatic aftermath.

The gig is up. To be safer and self possessed, and to pass power to our daughters, we MUST become literate in the strategies of combat. Until we know– not just in our heads, but in our loins and limbs, in our sex and souls– that we too can be dangerous creatures, and not just feel like the endangered ones, we will NEVER be safe or whole.

So here’s my new rule: Instead of shunning aggression let us view it as a resource and learn to wield its tools.