It’s become vogue to tell women to use weapons of opportunity such as keys or other handy devices or objects. 

Of course some of us have been advocating this for years.  I’m BIG on encouraging women to weaponize and to learn to use their environment in self defense – whether that means wielding handy desk or kitchen objects as self defense tools or learning to use surfaces such as counter tops (for example in this B & W photo above). In this picture, I’m shoving off of the ladies room counter top (note the full force in my leg) to slam backward, slamming HIM into the metal stall behind us. I have padding- HIM! This could be the opening move to release the “strangle.” 

But here’s the deal: unless you bring full ferocity or wield a hand held item with REAL SAVAGE intent to harm in order to escape, it’s useless. And it may just piss off a would-be attacker.

Take a look at this video clip for example. With maybe one exception (the use of her index finger knuckle; the PHOENIX technique) her delivery is lame and ineffective. She lacks intent (not to mention POWER; note how her hips lag behind) and real commitment to drive the “weapon” of choice HOME so to speak.  

Now imagine wielding a key/ a pen or nearby vase (to the head or face) or your pepper spray but with the attitude of this Warrior Dame.  

Now, we’re talkin’–and looking good.  If you need to go physical and wield an object as weapon do yourself a favor. 

BE THIS Warrior Woman and not the Damsel. Overcome what you must to bring “it” to bear.